Author Terri W. Godwin
Natasha's Joy
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This heartwarming love story is a reminder that each of us can workthrough pain and fear to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

"Natasha's Joy is a novel that celebrates resilience and strength."

Foreword by Duke University Surgeon, Bradley H. Collins, MD, FACS

There is more life where my sister is.  -Ann Morrow Lindbergh

Book Review

After reading Terri's moving real-life story, I understand the importance of organ donation. I will be an organ donor! The devotion and togetherness that this family had for one another is refreshing. Being from North Carolina there were so many details that were real to me. I read the book from cover to cover in one sitting. This book is a spirit lifting experience. - Crystal Ellen
Terri Godwin Hyman is the author of “Natasha’s Joy: The Gift of Life for my Sister,” and “Living with Joy,” the sequel. Her books have received five-star reviews on Amazon. In “Natasha’s Joy,” Terri writes a profound story of courage and sacrifice. This love story between two sisters is about unconditional love, hope, sacrifice and how we hold onto life’s joys, in the midst of hardships. The foreword was written by Dr. Bradley H. Collins of Duke University.

A volunteer member of Carolina Donor Services, and Donate Life North Carolina, Terri is a DMV Ambassador. She travels the region visiting hospitals, high school driver education classes and DMV stations sharing her story, dispelling myths about organ donation and spreading the message about the importance of organ donation.

Terri is involved with various initiatives to raise awareness and educate others about living donation. She testified before the Council of the District of Columbia in support of legislation to establish a tax credit for corporate taxpayers and businesses in Washington who allow employees time off without loss or reduction in pay when they serve as a bone marrow or living organ donor. The legislation became effective in March 2007.

A two-time North Carolina Central University alumna, Terri works as a technical writer and communications manager for local government.

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